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So my neighbors next door know I’m a DJ. They’ve seen me play when my windows are open and I’m practicing, they’ve heard the music, I usually play earlier in the day, like say from noon to 4 or 5 and then stop. I tried to be courteous to my neighbors.

I don’t throw parties, I don’t have people over, I’m a good guy. But they started playing loud music around 8 so I thought “ok I’ll get in a practice session for a while”

THEY CALLED THE COPS AT 9:30!!! AND I WASN’T EVEN PLAYING THAT LOUD!!! I had my windows closed, I was using small speakers. It could have been a LOT LOT worse.

So my neighbors basically baited me into playing and then called the cops… what a bunch of fucking ass holes! OH these are the same neighbors who had their kids outside at 10:30pm on tuesday running around my house screaming BRIANA! until midnight! When I politely asked them to stop I was told “no hablo ingles” SUUUURE! FUCKING COCK BAGS!

Here’s the other thing… I know for a fact they’re on a month to month… I OWN MY FUCKING HOUSE. If they’re expecting me to move it’s not going to fucking happen!

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